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Easily Disable JavaScript by just one click (Whitelist & Blacklist feature)
An easy way to disable any website JavaScript
Use a single button to turn javascript on or off on the Google Chrome Tab you are in. You might want to turn off javascript to help debug a webpage/check your website code errors.
This is the quickest way to enable or disable Javascript
One thing you need is to install this extension and we will do the rest
Once you are on the website you wish to disable javascript, just click on the software extension. That’s all
You can turn javascript back on for that webpage by clicking on the extension icon again.




Step 1. Install “Easily Disable JavaScript”

Step 2. Active “Easily Disable JavaScript”
After installing you need to do 1 more step, at Chrome Extension bar click our extension’s icon  to active the extension, and click 1 more time to disable all website’s JavaScript
Re click to disable extension
More custom settings such as: whitelist, blacklist,.. : Just right-click extension’s icon -> choose Options -> the options page will show up
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