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Get a free 2048 For Google Chrome, 100% Offline, NO ADS, and super lightweight!

How to play 2048 Doge for Google Chrome?

Use your arrow keys to move the doges. When two doges with the same doge touch, they merge into a new doge!

How to install 2048 Doge for Google Chrome

Step 1: Install 2048

Step 2: Play

  1. From Chrome Extension Tool Bar click 2048 Doge
  2. Find 2048 Doge Offline Game -> Click Pin icon to Pin the Game to the Toolbar
2048 Doge

3. Click the 2048 Doge icon to play the game (popup)

2048 Doge

Step 3: Enjoy the 2048 Doge offline for Google Chrome!

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