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Get a free Doge 2048 For Google Chrome, 100% Offline, NO ADS, and super lightweight!

How to play 2048 Doge for Google Chrome?

Use your arrow keys to move the doges. When two doges with the same doge touch, they merge into a new doge!

How to install 2048 Doge for Google Chrome

Step 1: Install Doge 2048

Step 2: Play

  1. From Chrome Extension Tool Bar click 2048 Doge
  2. Find 2048 Doge Offline Game -> Click Pin icon to Pin the Game to the Toolbar
2048 Doge

3. Click the 2048 Doge icon to play the game (popup)

2048 Doge

Step 3: Enjoy the 2048 Doge offline for Google Chrome!

What is 2048?

2048 is a puzzle game created in March 2014 by Gabriele Cirulli, a young 19-year-old Italian web developer. The object of the game is to slide numbered squares on a square grid to combine them and create a square of value 2048.

This can be seen as a block sliding puzzle game and is very similar to the Threes app! released a month earlier. Cirulli created this game in just one weekend[5] to test himself if he could write a game from a sketch.

What is 2048 doge?

2048 Created by Gabriele Cirulli. Based on 1024 by Veewo Studio and conceptually similar to Threes by Asher Vollmer. Use your arrow keys or swipe to combine similar Doges and score points!

5 tips to play 2048 doge to help you get the highest score and win

2048 is an intellectual game that always wins the hearts of many different objects. The game not only challenges the player’s ability to reason and calculate but also requires patience and perseverance.

The following article will give you 5 effective 2048 doge game tips to help you achieve the highest score and win.

Always keep the highest number at the top left or right

Once you have brought the cell with the highest value to the top left or right corner, continue to find ways to bring and arrange the remaining squares to the same corner.

Try to put the high-value cells above the lower-value cells, this makes merging your squares easier and more favorable.

The purpose of this operation is to help keep the square with the highest value fixed, try to move the remaining cells, and gradually create larger value squares.

Luôn giữ số cao nhất ở trên cùng bên trái

Fill the first line

Always try to fill the first line with numbers. If your first line isn’t filled yet, immediately swipe up to fill it. When the first row is filled this also means that the cell with the highest score will always be in the top left corner.

Lấp đầy dòng đầu tiên

The down key should not be used

Certainly, not using the down button when playing games is very difficult to do. But try to limit the use of the down key as much as possible.

This helps to reduce new cells with small values appearing at the top, which you will have a hard time dissolving, and this also ensures that the first line will always be filled.

Không nên sử dụng phím xuống

Limit the appearance of new squares but focus on “cleaning up” as neatly as possible

Try to minimize the appearance of new squares. Since usually, new squares appear with very small values, this takes your time in merging them to form different large values.

And one thing you need to pay attention to is that you should not only focus too much on the cells with large values but pay attention and try to focus on “cleaning up” all the cells.

This will give you more space to play the game and it will be easier to see effective moves.

Hạn chế sự xuất hiện của các ô vuông mới mà hãy tập trung

Prioritize solving cells with small values that are “stuck in the middle”

Small-valued cells are “stuck between” large-valued cells, which is a case that 2048 doge game players are always afraid of and do not want to encounter.

But when you’ve fallen into this situation, you should prioritize taking the time to untangle this tangle first. Because if not resolved, it will affect and cause a lot of difficulties in your winning process.

Ưu tiên giải quyết những ô có giá trị nhỏ bị

The above article has given you 5 effective 2048 doge tips to help you get high scores and quickly win. The ways I have just brought are only a part of helping you in playing the game, if you want to win, it depends on many different factors and your perseverance and practice are the keys. an important factor in determining that. Good luck.


A finished recreation. The 2048 tile is withinside the bottom-proper corner.
2048 is performed on an undeniable four×four grid, with numbered tiles that slide while a participant actions them with the use of the 4 arrow keys.

Every turn, a brand new tile randomly seems in an empty spot at the board with a fee of both 2 or four. Tiles slide as some distance as viable withinside the selected route till they’re stopped through both every other tile or the threshold of the grid.

If tiles of an equally wide variety collide whilst moving, they’ll merge right into a tile with the whole fee of the 2 tiles that collided. The ensuing tile can’t merge with every other tile once more withinside the equal flow. Higher-scoring tiles emit a gentle glow; the very best viable tile is 131,072.
If a flow reasons 3 consecutive tiles of the equal fee to slip together, most effectively the 2 tiles farthest alongside the route of movement will integrate.

If all 4 areas in a row or column are full of tiles of the equal fee, a flow parallel to that row/column will integrate the primary and ultimate. A scoreboard at the upper-proper maintains the song of the user`s rating.

The user’s rating begins off evolved at zero and is accelerated on every occasion tiles integrate, through the fee of the brand new tile.
The recreation is gained while a tile with a fee of Doge 2048 seems at the board. Players can preserve past that to attain better scores.

When the participant has no felony actions (there aren’t any empty areas and no adjoining tiles with an equal fee), the sport ends.

Development of 2048 doge

Nineteen-year-antique Gabriele Cirulli created the sport on an unmarried weekend as a take a look at to peer if he may want to apply a recreation from scratch. “It became a manner to skip the time”, he stated. He defined it as being “conceptually similar” to the lately launched iOS recreation Threes, and identical to every other recreation, 1024.

Developed through Veewo Studio, 1024 is itself identical to Threes, with its App Store description as soon as reading “no want to pay for Threes”. Cirulli’s README for 2048 doge cites every other 1024 clone as influence: the homonymous however barely one-of-a-kind in phrases of mechanics 2048 through Saming.

Cirulli became amazed while his weekend venture obtained over four million traffic in much less than a week, The recreation is unfastened to play, Cirulli having stated that he became unwilling to make money “from an idea that [he] did not invent”. He launched ports for iOS and Android in May 2014.


A 2048 doge variation performed on a terminal the use of the curses library
The easy controls allowed it for use in a promo video for the Myo gesture manage armband, and the supply of the code beneath allowed it for use as a coaching useful resource for programming. The second-location winner of a coding contest at Matlab Central Exchange became an AI gadget that might play Doge 2048 on its own.

As the supply code is to be had, many additions to the authentic recreation, which include a rating leaderboard, an undo feature and stepped forward touchscreen playability had been written through different people. All are to be had to the public.

Spinoffs had been launched online and consist of variations with factors from the Doge meme, Doctor Who, Flappy Bird, and Tetris. There has additionally been a 3-D version and variations with larger or smaller grids. Cirulli sees those spinoffs as “a part of the splendor of open supply software” and does now no longer item to them “so long as they upload new, innovative adjustments to the sport”.

In 2014, an unofficial identical to the sport became posted withinside the iOS app shop through Ketchapp, monetized with advertising. There has additionally been a Doctor Who derivative of the sport, in addition to one for the Nintendo 3DS, which blanketed a retail release.

More about 2048 doge will update soon…