Headaches are one of the most common and very high rates of disease. However not when taking the drug is also good. Headaches due to many thoughts and pains due to weather,…You can also treat points at home by natural cures. Right through some tips, help to treat headaches without having to go to the pharmacy.

1. Ginger: 

Ginger treatment for ginger headache has a particularly good effect on migraine headaches. A clinical trial suggests that ginger powder is as effective as migraine headaches. 

Ginger can help prevent the process of alerting the nerve neurons when the pain appears, causing the body not to recognize and not react to headaches. 

How to use a headache treatment: use ginger tea or chew a piece of ginger whenever you feel the pain to relieve headaches.

2. Water: 

Water Treatment headache when the body loses water we can also headache.Can be treated by supplying water back to the body. 

How to use headache therapy: 

You can drink a cup of water when the first felt a headache symptom and continued so throughout the day. 

Or also drink a bottle of Sports Drink, water that helps maintain energy and endurance that contains an electrochemical, helps replenish Carbohydrates and amino acids, which are often used by sports players, heavy operations, working in hot, sunny weather or with fever.

3. Apply hot or cold: 

If the headache is released by sinus problems, then use a cold towel or cold pack is a great solution. As for the headaches caused by stress then you should use a hot pack that will help to ditch the muscles, relieve headaches. 

How to use headache treatment: 

When the cold pack: The ice pack when placed on your forehead in a few minutes will numb the forehead and stop the pain. You can DIY the pack. By wrapping a few stones in a thin towel but never placed the rock directly to the head. When the heater is hot: You can put a bag in the back of the nape or pour hot water (not too hot to avoid burns) into the bath and put your hand in it about 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Almond seeds: 

almonds treat almond headache as a type of “medication” to relieve pain as they contain Salicin (painkillers usually found in a lot of analgesics, especially), reaching a high analgesic effect when suffering a headache. 

How to use headache treatment: 

You can eat some almond seeds whenever you feel a little headache.

5. Mint leaves: 

Mint leaves treat mint headaches with properties that help relax and soothe, good support in the treatment of headaches. In addition, inhalation of spearmint is also very beneficial in eliminating the symptoms that are accompanied by headaches such as nausea or vomiting. 

How to use a headache treatment: 

You can drink a cup of mint tea or use the essential oils extracted from the leaves of this species to massage gentle Thai ocean, jaw, and nape.

6. Stormy treatment headache: 

This is a folk tip that many people usually apply every time the illness, including headaches. The essential oils in these types of leaves are capable of reducing headaches quickly. The cooking of tobacco juice to treat headaches is very simple. 

How to use headache treatment:

 Use plants such as grapefruit leaves, leaf flavor, lemongrass leaves, lime leaves,… It’s all washed and put into the pot. Pour the water from the leaves and cover and boil about 15 minutes. He’s in the blanket and then opens until the water sits.

7. Acupuncture Treatment Headache: 

Acupuncture The headache of thin needles is pierced into the skin. According to Chinese medicine, this will help to reorganize the flow of energy (or gas) in the body. Acupuncture is effective at preventing acute migraine headaches with the use of drugs.

8. Massage Reflexology: 

Massage, Reflexology is also a method that has the ability to cure headaches effectively.While massage, you can use more essential oils to increase efficiency. Pressing the blood is very simple and you can apply it too. 

How to use headache treatment: 

Use your finger to point the day in the Thai ocean reflexology. At the same time acupressure on the sides of the Thai ocean and move to the forehead and finish in your feet.

 But remember when the headache is over, you wait a new moment to get up if you don’t want to get wet and sit.

9. Bathe in warm water under the shower: 

bathe under the warm shower will help to get through the whole body’s blood vessels, including on the head. This will help you to feel relaxed, refreshed, reduce the sensation of headaches. Or soaking warm water also works like you bathe under a shower, dispel aches, relieve headaches.

10. Low-light resting places to treat headaches:

 light is proved to make the headache more intense. Because migraine is often caused by sensory stimulation. So lower the light in the places where you lie.