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Copy Cat Game

Such a Copy Cat Game it’s so obvious he wants to be like you!

Just another individual who copies you in everything you do. An obnoxious cat who, sickly, gets off on copying, imitating, emulating, simulating and miming all your actions. This is a puzzle game in which you have to save both players in the screen at the same time, in order to complete each level.

Copy Cat Game

How to Play Copy Cat Game:

  • You have to move both cats in the screen at the same time to reach the finish line, to complete each level.
  • Attention: don’t jump into the water, don’t hit the bomb.

Install extension
Click the Copy Cat icon on the Chrome toolbar
and we will open a Copy Cat for you to play the game! You don’t need to do anything else!
Have fun!



  • First release

Is the Copy Cat Game safe to use?

The Copy Cat Game extension DO NOT collect any info or any data from users so you can safely use the extension as well as play the game without any concern.

Thanks for installing the game if you have any feedback or problem when using the extension, please feel free to contact us at https://w3technic.com/contact

Read more about privacy at PRIVACY POLICY

Hope you have some relaxing time with the Copy Cat Game! <3

Copy Cat Game
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