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Zombie Mayhem

Zombie Mayhem
The world is in danger: A deadly virus is infecting a growing number of territories and turning people into zombies.
You’re given the unique task to save the world from the zombie apocalypse. A big challenge, as zombies walk fast and have to be killed before they’re out of reach.
Zombie Mayhem is a simple and fun FPS game, suitable for kids and adults for heart-stopping action.

How to play Zombie Mayhem
– Hold on and shoot at zombies.
– If you have no ammo, reload with key ‘R’ or reload your gun by taping on the refresh button on the bottom right.
– Make sure you kill the zombies before they leave the screen.

– Under 15MB: Keep your storage free with a small app size.
– Zombie Mayhem Cat is completely free to play.
– Offline playable: No need to connect to the internet.

Play and save the world from the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Mayhem now. Have fun!



  • First release
  • improve design
  • beautify icons
  • add splashscreen
  • Mute/unmute game sounds button
  • bugfixes

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Zombie Mayhem
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