Guess Who Unblocked – Getting Started

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Game Description

Classic Minesweeper

“Guess Who?” is a classic guessing game that challenges players to deduce the identity of their opponent’s chosen character through a series of yes or no questions. The game is set on a board that features a collection of character cards, each showcasing different people with various visible traits such as hair color, eye color, accessories, and more.

How to Play

To start playing “Guess Who?”, each player selects a character card at random from a deck, ensuring it is hidden from their opponent. Players take turns asking each other yes or no questions about the characteristics of their opponent’s chosen character (e.g., “Does your person wear glasses?”). Based on the responses, players eliminate candidates from their board until only one possibility remains or they feel confident enough to make a guess.

Game Controls

“Guess Who?” is primarily a physical board game but also exists in digital form. Here are controls for both versions:

  • Physical Game:
    • Flip Down: Manually push down the frames of characters that do not match the criteria.
  • Digital Game:
    • Mouse Click: Click to select characters and ask questions.
    • Drag and Drop: Use to eliminate characters from consideration.

Tips and Tricks

  • Ask Broad Questions: Start with questions that can potentially eliminate large groups of characters, such as those concerning hair color or glasses.
  • Pay Attention: Remember the answers given by your opponent to avoid asking redundant questions and to spot any inconsistencies that might hint at their character.
  • Strategic Questions: Sometimes, asking more specific questions can quickly narrow down the possibilities, especially as the game progresses.
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Game Developer

“Guess Who?” was originally developed by Theora Design and first manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979. Over the years, numerous editions have been released by different companies, including Hasbro, which currently owns the rights to the game.

Game Platforms

“Guess Who?” is available as a physical board game and can also be played online through various gaming platforms that host its digital version. It is accessible on PCs, smartphones, and tablets via gaming websites and apps.

How to Play Unblocked

Playing “Guess Who?” unblocked, particularly in schools or workplaces where game sites are often restricted, involves a few steps:

  • Use a VPN: Activate a Virtual Private Network to bypass content filters and access game sites.
  • Mobile Data: If playing on a mobile device, using mobile data instead of a restricted Wi-Fi network can grant access to blocked game sites.
  • Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions can help navigate around web restrictions by masking your internet activity or providing access to proxy services.
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