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Mine Rusher

Game Description

Mine Rusher

“Put Bacon Unblocked” is an inventive and fun physics-based puzzle game that revolves around the simple yet amusing concept of placing bacon correctly on different objects. The game challenges players to think logically and creatively as they aim to balance or position slices of bacon on various everyday items, such as burgers, statues, and even iconic landmarks. Each level offers a unique challenge, with the goal of placing the bacon so that it stays put for a few seconds without falling off.

This game combines humor with engaging puzzle mechanics, making it an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The quirky theme of using bacon as a puzzle element adds an element of light-hearted fun to the challenges.

How to Play

The main objective in “Put Bacon Unblocked” is to place slices of bacon on objects in such a way that they remain stable for a brief period. Each level presents a different object and may require the player to position multiple pieces of bacon. The game employs realistic physics, so players must consider gravity, balance, and the peculiarities of each object’s shape.

Players complete a level by successfully balancing the bacon for about three seconds. If the bacon falls off before the time is up, the player must retry the level. The game progresses in difficulty with more complex objects and challenging arrangements required as players advance.

Game Controls

“Put Bacon Unblocked” uses straightforward controls that are easy to grasp:

  • Mouse: Click and drag to pick up a slice of bacon, move it over the object, and release to place it.
  • Touchscreen: Tap and drag to perform the same actions on a mobile device.
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These controls make the game accessible and simple to interact with, allowing players to focus on solving the puzzles rather than navigating complicated mechanics.

Tips and Tricks

  • Analyze the Object: Take a moment to study each object’s shape and think about how gravity will affect the bacon’s placement.
  • Experiment: There are often several ways to solve a level, so don’t be afraid to try different placements and arrangements of bacon.
  • Patience is Key: Some levels might require precise placement. Take your time to adjust the bacon’s position slightly until it stays put.
  • Look for Flat Surfaces: Placing bacon on the flattest parts of an object can help maintain balance and prevent it from falling.

Game Developer

“Put Bacon Unblocked” was created by a quirky indie developer known for crafting games with simple yet addictively fun mechanics. The developer specializes in casual games that utilize familiar objects and concepts in unexpected and humorous ways.

Game Platforms

The game is primarily available online, hosted on various browser game platforms. This allows “Put Bacon Unblocked” to be easily accessible from both desktop and mobile browsers, ensuring that players can enjoy the game on virtually any device.

How to Play Unblocked

For those looking to play “Put Bacon Unblocked” in places where gaming sites are typically blocked, such as schools or workplaces, here are several strategies:

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network): Using a VPN can help bypass network restrictions, providing access to blocked sites.
  • Proxy Sites: Proxy sites can serve as a middleman to access the game without directly visiting the game’s website, which might be blocked.
  • Alternative Game Sites: Sometimes, searching for the game on less popular or new gaming sites can yield results, as these sites may not yet be on network block lists.
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