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2048 Cupcakes Offline on Chrome – Getting started

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2048 Cupcakes Offline on Chrome

Get a free 2048 For Google Chrome, 100% Offline, NO ADS, and super lightweight!

How to play 2048 Cupcakes for Google Chrome?

Use your arrow keys to move the cakes. When two tiles with the same cake touch, they merge into new cake!

How to install 2048 Cupcakes for Google Chrome

Step 1: Install 2048

Step 2: Play

  1. From Chrome Extension Tool Bar click Game
  2. Find 2048 Doge Offline Game -> Click Pin icon to Pin the Game to the Toolbar Game

3. Click 2048 Cupcakes icon to play the game (popup) Game

Step 3: Enjoy the 2048 Cupcakes offline for Google Chrome! Game
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